GIANT 2014

Cast (in order of appearance)

Diane Zander Mason
Adriene Mishler
Briana McKeague
Jane Cowan
Aaron Leggett


written and directed Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler
Director of Photography Wilson Waggoner
Editor and Sound Design Alexander Birchler
Producers Teresa Hubbard, Cara Carney, Jason Wehling
Assistant Editors Maria Clara Garcia, Skye Ashbrook
Production Company HB Studio


Camera Operators Wilson Waggoner, Alexander Birchler,
Teresa Hubbard, Marco Naylor
Gaffer Charlie Seligman
1st Camera Assistant Nathan Warren
Key Grip Buzz Maloy
Best Boy Grip Jason McKnight
Boom Lift Operator Wilson Waggoner
Still Photographer Chris Austin
Location Sound Mixers Alexander Birchler, Diane Zander Mason
Camera/Set PA Esther Garcia
Production Assistants Skye Ashbrook, Beau Rice
AV Systems Design Bill Haddad, Blue House Design
Foley Artists Susan Fitz-Simon, Glenn Eanes


Camera Operator Wilson Waggoner
Gaffer Bobby Lewallen
1st Camera Assistant Wylie Earnhardt
Production Designer Caroline Karlen
Set Dressers Brad Mathis, Allen White, Skye Ashbrook
Makeup/Wardrobe Lauren Gonzales
Location Scout Kim LeBlanc, Texas Film Commission
Wardrobe Assistant Andrea Day
Location Sound Mixer JAson Wehling
Production Assistant Skye Ashbrook
Post Production Facility HB Studio

Special Thanks to:

Aargauer Kuratorium; Clay and Anne Evans; Fairfax Dorn; Charles Mary Kubricht; Ron Sommers;
Lynda McKnight; Virginia Lebermann; University of Southern California Warner Bros. Archive,
Los Angeles; Texas Film Commission; Margret Herrick Library: Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences, Los Angeles; Lance Armstrong; Quality Quinn; Charles Attal; Suzanne Deal Booth;
Travis Capp; Molly Kemp; Jeanne & Michael Klein; John Thornton; Melba & Ted Whatley;
William & Bettye Nowlin Research Fellowship in Photography at the University of Texas at Austin

The production of Giant was commissioned by Ballroom Marfa.